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Blending Custom Teas At Home!

Living more intentionally often means being more aware about what we are consuming. Drinking tea is an amazing way to prevent illness and cure it. With that being said, not all teas are created equal. Have you ever wondered about the quality of the tea bags you buy in grocery stores? When I first started blending my own teas, I found that store bought teas in tea bags often contain lower quality tea leaves that have been finely cut into small pieces known as "fannings" or "dust". This "dust" can release more tannins, creating a stronger and more bitter tea. Even though we do want stronger and bitter teas sometimes (for digestion or to kill a virus, for example), there's also the fact that the tea bags often contain added ingredients like flavors or artificial coloring. Yuck.

Loose leaf teas are made from whole leaves, providing a higher quality taste and aromatic experience. When buying teas, make sure you are getting loose leaf teas, like these, or blend your own at home! Blending different herbs to create custom teas can be a great way to create a personalized and effective remedy for your health needs and those of your family.