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This challenge is not about indulgence.


The Pleasure Challenge is more about being present in the body, releasing shame and regaining joy.


I started this challenge as a personal way to increase my self-awareness and self-validation. As someone who has struggled with feeling guilty for not fulfilling my people-pleasing ways, this challenge became my safe haven. I no longer feel guilty about putting my needs and wants first, knowing that this is what is best for all. When you put your own oxygen mask first, you are better equipped to help those around you. This E-Book is a guide on putting on your oxygen mask first to live a more fulfilling life filled with pleasure, sensuality, joy and orgasms! 


This guide is based mainly on the original discord that was open when I first started the challenge on March 31, 2022


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Daily Gratitude Journal

Chapter 2. Trauma & Somatic Experiencing

Chapter 3. Setting Goals & Intentions 

Chapter 4. Goddess Yoga

Chapter 5. Embodiment Practices

Chapter 6.  Breathing Practices

Chapter 7.  Pleasure Music Playlists

Chapter 8.  Moon Cycling & Menstrual Cycling

Chapter 9. Pleasure Activity of The Day

Chapter 10. Pleasure Tips & Tricks (Book Recommendations)

30 Days of Pleasure EBOOK

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