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Focused on spiritually activated herbs and services for holistic womb healing!


Hi! My name is Amanda and I consider myself a womb healer reminder. I'm here to remind you of your ability to heal yourself. With the help of herbs, God and your own intuition, my mission is to remind you of your own divinity and wholeness. My journey with herbs began when I became a birth worker in 2014. I worked as a Doula, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist and Midwife Assistant, all while learning about womb healing, herbs and many spiritual tools practiced and used by my indigenous ancestors and indigenous tribes from around the world. I continued on to become a Vaginal Steaming Specialist and I've since helped many women heal their wombs with guidance into the world of natural remedies and energetic healing. I am constantly expanding my apothecary to keep up with the health demands of the world and have since added tea blends and products that help heal beyond the womb. I welcome and invite you to explore this site and learn about the many benefits of herbs, womb healing and so much more!