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About Me

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     Hi! My name is Amanda, Owner of Auset Herbals-An herbal apothecary focused on womb healing, postpartum health and non-toxic herbal products. I am a born and raised New Yorker with a Dominican heritage, lover of all things aesthetics, herbs, nature, self-care, love, God etc. Raised by mostly women, I have learned throughout the years a little something about the importance of self care. I am constantly learning and exploring different ways to heal the mind, body & spirit. I am a birth worker and have assisted many home-births in New York City. I curate my own herbal blends, oils and tinctures. I now live in North Carolina, growing herbs and creating a supportive community of like-minded women around me. 

I love what I do!

     Auset Herbals was established to support women on their own healing journey. I know that the body is created in such a divine way, that it is able to heal itself physically, from within. I use the plants and herbs as tools provided to me by the earth to assist in the body's own ability to heal; not only physically but energetically as well. My mission is to meet women where they are in their healing journey and to introduce them to the tools needed to find their own healing powers from within. As women, we tend to give up our powers to figures outside of ourselves. Auset Herbals is here to assist you in reclaiming that power. All of my products are infused with herbs AND the spirit of love!

auset herbals

Why the name Auset?

     The name Auset was suggested to me when I was first starting my herbalist career by my life partner. He recognized the connection she would have to the work I do as a womb healer and herbalist.


Auset is the ancient daughter of Geb (God of earth) and Nut (God of the heavens). She is the mother of Heru (Horus in Greek mythology and Jesus in Christian texts). Known as 'The Lady of Thrones', Kemetians (Egyptians) represented her in the form of a throne, which represents the seat and transmission of power for the Pharaohs.

Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Meri (The Beloved One) are just some of the titles given to Auset. How powerful?! Auset was a root worker, midwife, & renowned for her magic. She was known to have the power to heal children bitten by poisonous insects & snakes. Auset was able to bring stillborns back to life! Her sacred blood was able to reconstitute her husband's (Asar) dismembered body and soul. 

Auset represents the female productive forces in nature. Kemetians recognized her as a moon goddess and a mystic goddess of the supernatural. She was said to be born on a Monday (Moon-day). The hope of everyone in ancient egypt was for Auset, The Queen of Heaven, to recognize and see in them the pure essence she saw in Asar and that Auset would love them and intercede for them as she interceded in the resurrection of her husband.

An Egyptian goddess of magic, wisdom, renewal, healing, power, love, the giver of life and the divine mourner, Auset is the power that makes kings. One of the most famous and most influential goddesses not only in Egypt but in the whole ancient Roman Empire and perhaps even in the modern era due to the Catholic and Orthodox Mother Mary following being largely based on the following of Isis. Her original name meant ‘She Of The Throne’.

The following of the Virgin Mary originally entered the Greco-Roman world as worship of Throne Mother and Queen of Heaven Auset, whose iconic breast-feeding of her son Heru was transformed into the popular Madonna and Child version. Auset’s awakening of her husband, Asar, from the dead and her posthumous conception of a son (Heru) is echoed in the “virgin” birth of Jesus Christ and later resurrection from his tomb by Mary Magdalene after he lived a life performing miracles once ascribed to the Goddess.

auset herbals
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