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Find a Steaming Chair

I highly recommend purchasing a steaming chair to steam at home. I’ve included the links to a few options below. *** I am not associated with any of the sellers, these are just suggestions.


1. This one is very convenient and is my favorite option

because it's economically friendly, easy to use and easy to

put away. I also like this one because you can use a

burner w the pot to keep the water warm

and steam for a bit longer.


2. This one is a bit fancier and if you have the space to leave

out in your bathroom this is a great choice.

It's made out of wood and also comes with a water pot

and a cushion. This one does not allow for a burner.

3. This one is also made out of wood but can actually be

assembled and unassembled to be put away once you're done

and you can use a burner under the pot to keep it warm longer.

Happy Steaming!
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