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PCOS Is A Lifestyle Disorder!

PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, seems to be one of the biggest issues women have when it comes to uterine dis-eases. It is a disorder of hormonal imbalance that can affect weight, fertility and immunity. Notice how I said it can affect weight, not be caused by it. Unfortunately, a lot of women are misdiagnosed or brushed off (not even given blood tests?!) because healthcare providers are blaming their weight when weight gain is just another own of the symptoms of a deeper rooted issue.

The deeper rooted issues are due in part to lack of spirituality, a disconnect with nature and the capitalistic society in which we live in that causes stress, anxiety and depression, creating a cesspool for our hormones and spirit. The other part includes poor diet, not detoxing and lack of exercise, specifically lower body strength training.

Testing, Then Balancing Hormones With Herbs

Western medicine is important for testing and should be used to your benefit. You need to know your hormone levels so that you can know which herbs you should be using for treatment. Go get tested for hormonal levels.

Ask your healthcare provider to test your TSH, LH, FSH, CBC, Prolactin, Estrogen, Testosterone, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid antibodies (Thyroid peroxidase and Thyroglobulin), and reverse T3.

Imbalanced Insulin levels (insulin resistance) affect weight, hunger and energy levels. A balanced diet can help with this along with herbs such as Chasteberry which helps the thyroid balance your hormones. We'll talk about the balanced diet and detoxing in a minute.

Imbalanced Androgen levels affect acne, hair growth, and/or hair loss. Herbs like Saw Palmetto and Chasteberry can help lower androgen levels in the blood.

Imbalanced LH/FSH levels affect fertility. If you have elevated LH levels, avoid Chasteberry and instead look into taking White Peony Root or Myo-inositol to help balance the FH/FSH levels.

15-21 Day Detox Plan

Detoxing, parasite cleanses and fasting are all so important to remaining healthy and it's just not a common practice in western societies. This is a huge reason why there is so much dis-ease. The body must be cleansed out of toxins every 6-12 months, especially with all of the processed and packaged foods we sometimes cannot avoid.

Eliminate sugar (especially white) and replace with fruit sugar, stevia, date sugar or xylitol (a great anti-bacterial!). Reduce your consumption of white rice, wheat pasta, cakes and candy. Avoid caffeine, whether coffee or tea and replace with ginger tea. Replace white rice with brown rice or quinoa and replace wheat pasta with lentil pasta. Replace sweets with seeded fruits.

Follow this plan for at least 15-21 days to jumpstart your healing from PCOS:

  1. Every Morning, you will break your fast (breakfast) with a glass of 'Moon Charged' water (coconut or alkaline water) with the juice of half a lime. Drink this nice and slow, take your time to enjoy the internal shower!

  2. Everyday you will consume 3-4 TBSP of either Ghee or Coconut oil. This will provide an internal lubricant that helps eliminate toxins as well as many other health benefits.

  3. Everyday you will drink 2-3 cups of tea. The tea can be red raspberry leaf tea or white peony root tea or Chasteberry tea depending on what your hormonal levels look like.

  4. Everyday, consume 1-2 TBSP of raw local honey with ground black cumin seed mixed in. This will help clean your blood and repair the blood.

  5. For Breakfast, you can either have a small portion of fruit (to give yourself a healthy insulin spike) or a clear vegetable broth with seasonal veggies. Add grated ginger, Himalayan sea salt, turmeric and black pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh cilantro or parsley. Avoid onions and tomatoes for the 15-21 days, you'll be able to incorporate them once the detox is over.

  6. Include Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, Miso, and yogurt. This can help increase your levels of B12, which if you have PCOS, it is most likely low.

  7. If you MUST snack on something in between meals, snack on seasonal fruit or dates.

  8. For Lunch, have a small salad of lightly steamed veggies (carrots, radish, beets, broccoli etc), protein (fish, chicken breast, egg whites; no red meat) and some steamed sweet potato.

  9. Before doing a workout, have a small portion of oats or some sprouted whole grain bread with peanut butter or even a sweet potato for energy during your workout. After your workout you need a small insulin spike and so you can have a small portion of fruit. If you don't workout, don't eat more fruit.

  10. For Dinner, you will have a lean protein without carbs. So a veggie salad and some chicken breast, fish or lentils. Do not eat dinner later than 7pm.

  11. After dinner, go for a 15-20 minute walk and be physically charged by the moon.

  12. Go to bed at 9pm and rise at 6am. This is the best time for detoxing while you sleep. Before going to sleep, remember to put your glass of water or coconut water on your windowsill to be moon charged as well!

Using The Moon To Balance Hormones

The Moon naturally has a 28-30 day cycle, exactly like we have a naturally occurring 28-30 day menstrual cycle and hormonal cycle. It's kind of crazy that as natural human beings living in a natural world we are so disconnected from our environment. Do you understand how magical this world is?!

Nothing's a coincidence and the magical effects of the moon on a woman's cycle have been documented since the beginning of time. Most goddesses are associated with the moon, including Mother Mary and Auset.

Paying attention to the moon, knowing its phases, consuming moon charged water and charging yourself in the moonlight by going on nightly walks will help you not only balance your hormones, but you will also feel more connected to the present moment. These practices will help you strengthen your connection with your Creator, with yourself and with the world around you.

Body Movements and Strength Training

It time to create new neural-pathways when it comes to working out. Exercising can seem daunting because society has made it seem that way. F*ck thatttt. Every time you have a negative thought when it comes to body movement, immediately create the opposite positive thought. For example, let us turn "working out is hard" into "working out is getting easier for me" or "I hate exercise" into " I love the way my body feels after a workout". Instead of thinking "Everyone is judging or staring at me at the gym" let's turn that into "My determination is inspiring to others". These are just examples to get you started in changing your mindset for this lifestyle change you are embarking on!

When it comes to exercise, there are many ways to move your body. Going for a daily 20 minute walk will help you feel accomplished as far as body movement if you aren't able to hit the gym. You can also dance for 20-30 minutes a day. The point is movement!

Strength training is very important to uterine strength. Incorporate lower body strength exercises 3-4 times a week like squats, lunges, etc. Yoga is also extremely helpful for our immunity, stress and flexibility. It also helps us connect with our spirit as well as our body.

Lifestyle Changes Summary

Once you've completed the 15-21 day cleanse, you are ready to make lifestyle changes permanently. These are changes that you implement every single day. The following 10 lifestyle changes will cure you of PCOS and all other symptoms that come along with it!

  1. Say no to drugs! Birth Control is usually prescribed for women diagnosed with PCOS and is way more harmful than they are letting on. Let your food be your medicine! Trust in nature and in your Creator who created everything on this earth to help you. All you need is the knowledge, discipline and the will to better yourself.

  2. Eliminate processed foods! The capitalistic society we live in has us on the go, go, go and it's up to you to say f*ck no and slow tf down! Switch to home cooked meals made with love and watch how much better you feel inside and out. We always say we don't have time but the reality is that we do, we just need to prioritize ourselves again to find that time. Make home cooked healthy food important to your daily routine.

  3. Practice the Healthy Plate. A healthy plate looks like 1/2 veggie salad, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbohydrate. You also want to remember to always incorporate 3-4 TBSP of Ghee or Coconut oil daily.

4. Eating fermented foods helps with gut health and can help increase your B12 levels.

Sauerkraut, Kimchi, kefir etc are great options.

5. Exercise daily for at least 20 minutes.

6. Get quality sleep. Sleep is important for detoxing and reducing stress.

Sleeping from the hours of 9pm to 6am ensure your body properly rests, detoxes and


7. Avoid Plastic & processed/Packaged foods. Invest in stainless steel, glass and or copper

pots, pans and containers.

8. Take daily walks after dinner to charge yourself in the moon. Also remember to moon

charge your glass of water on the windowsill before going to bed to be drunk in the

morning. Add 1/2 lime juice for added cleansing.

9. Drink tea daily. Herbal teas, especially those for your specific hormonal imbalance

will help you heal and ground you. I also suggest taking an herbal tincture like the

10. Self love EVERYDAY. Self touch, affirmations and authenticity are all ways you should be

loving on yourself daily!

There is also a lot of great information on thyroid health from Thyroid Coach Danielle. go to her website here:

If you have any questions please never hesitate to email me at INFO@AUSETHERBALS.COM.


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