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PCOS Is A Lifestyle Disorder!

PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, seems to be one of the biggest issues women have when it comes to uterine dis-eases. It is a disorder of hormonal imbalance that can affect weight, fertility and immunity. Notice how I said it can affect weight, not be caused by it. Unfortunately, a lot of women are misdiagnosed or brushed off (not even given blood tests?!) because healthcare providers are blaming their weight when weight gain is just another own of the symptoms of a deeper rooted issue.

The deeper rooted issues are due in part to lack of spirituality, a disconnect with nature and the capitalistic society in which we live in that causes stress, anxiety and depression, creating a cesspool for our hormones and spirit. The other part includes poor diet, not detoxing and lack of exercise, specifically lower body strength training.

Testing, Then Balancing Hormones With Herbs

Western medicine is important for testing and should be used to your benefit. You need to know your hormone levels so that you can know which herbs you should be using for treatment. Go get tested for hormonal levels.

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