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This Course was made for women helping women (or themselves!) prepare for pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum.


Complete with modules, exercises and activities that can be completed from anywhere and at anytime! This is a 3-week pre-recorded self-paced course/guide.


***A certificate of completion will be emailed to you after you've completed the final quiz to ensure you’ve understood the material. I am not associated with any organization, I am an independant Traditional Doula.***


Traditional Doulas use spiritual, common sense methods, herbs, food and keen observation in birth work, which is most of what I teach in this course.


Although I do have medical training as a medical assistant and Midwife assistant, typically, Doulas are non-medical support professionals who offer continual physical, emotional and spiritual support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 


Every Birth worker is unique and brings with them a unique set of skills. As a birth worker since 2014, I've focused on grounding, breathing techniques, traditional herbal blends and nutritional knowledge to help moms during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


If you've been looking for a complete guide in traditional birth information to help someone in birth OR are pregnant yourself, this course was made with you in mind!


In this course/guide, I provide lists of books and resources, modules, many links to videos and examples as well as journal prompts, exercises and activities.


You will have unlimited email support from me for any questions, comments or concerns and the option to schedule a video call.


The more people that know the importance of a supportive presence at birth, the better our world will be.


Module Topics:


Grounding, shadow work & Fertility (healing and growth)


Breath work/ Doula Self Care


Nutrition (eating to heal common pregnancy issues)


Creating A Birth Plan


1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimesters


Maiden, Mother, Crone, Auset, Isis, Atabey, Mother Mary




Perineal Massages & Stretching Pelvic area


What you need at a birth


How to intuitively and naturally stimulate labor


Signs of Labor


Tips on pain management during active labor


The Placenta


Caring For Self Postpartum




Sexuality after birth, Identity as a mom, Raising Untraumatized children

Virtual Doula Guide/Course

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