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If you don't look forward to your menstrual cycle every month, you're not alone. Severe pain and mood changes are the normal standard in today's society but it is not natural. Stress from work, relationships and capitalism leads to a less than ideal environment for our body to be healthy. Your bleeding week should be for rest, restoration and regeneration, not pain and misery.  


Drinking this herbal tea a few days before and during your period may help your body heal: reduce cramping, bloating, pms and any anxiety associated with hormonal changes.


We do not have to spend over two weeks, every month, PMS-ing and in pain!


Yes you need to rest the week of your menses but it should be because you choose to and are listening to your body, not because you’re in excruciating pain!


A standard menstrual cycle looks like:

- 4-5 days of active bleeding

- Cycles every 28-30 days

- Starts on fresh ruby red blood and ends on fresh ruby red blood

- No PMS, no brown/black blood, no headaches, no bloating, no mood swings


This tea blend is nutritious and will help ease cramping and anxiety, provide you with Iron, vitamins and help tone your womb!


Ingredients: Burdock root, Blackseed, Nettle leaf, Dandelion leaf, Alfalfa, Hibiscus, Red Raspberry leaf

Period Tea

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