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Our best selling tincture and vaginal steaming herbal blend. Helps your body heal itself: Nourishes blood, heal postpartum, regulate hormones, improve mood, improve energy, improve uterine circulation, regulate menses. Helps with PCOS symptoms Hormone balancing, Thyroid regulation, fertility booster.

It is recommended to steam 3-6 months of consistency with steaming for great results.


For centuries, women across the globe have used vaginal steaming to assist with prevention and postpartum recovery. This practice is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the US but obstetricians and gynecologists remain largely unfamiliar with the practice and are unequipped to provide informed advice to their patients on its safety and efficacy. For this reason, clinical studies on vaginal steaming are in high demand.




Vaginal steaming is a process that involves boiling water in a pot, allowing the water to cool to a comfortable temperature, then sitting, squatting or standing over the pot so that the steam can reach the vulva, vaginal canal, perineum and anus. The water is often infused with minerals and/or herbs to enhance the healing qualities of the steam.




This process has a lengthy and well-documented history throughout Africa, Eurasia, Oceania and the Americas. While vaginal steaming became relatively obscure in the United States after the marginalization of midwifery in the 19th and early 20th centuries, it remained a common practice among women without access to the medical establishment.




As it enjoyed a continuous relevance in many other countries, immigrants to the US also continued and furthered the practice within our borders. In particular, communities with South Korean, Mayan, Sudanese, Cambodian, Eritrean and Haitian migrants kept the practice alive and growing.




In the early 21st century, vaginal steaming became popularized as a luxury spa treatment despite its continued use in marginalized communities as a means for preventive reproductive care. As its popularity grew, media outlets began asking medical practitioners to comment on its safety and effectiveness. With little to no background information on the practice they could only respond that they had no official proof that vaginal steaming was either helpful or harmful.




Womb Healing Blend (with White Sage & Red Raspberry Leaf):

***May promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tone skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. Can be used by men and women alike. Boosts mental and physical stamina, increases vaginal lubrication.

Womb Healer Combo

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