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The 30 Day Pleasure Challenge

Updated: Jan 5

2023 is a universal 7 year ( 2+0+2+3=7), bringing the focus inward. It's a year for spiritual growth and strengthening your relationship to yourself and the God within and all around you. This year will have you questioning why you do the things you do. Whatever you focus on will be manifested with the quickness, so focus on your own happiness!

This is a year of setting boundaries and improving your thoughts, especially the thoughts you think of yourself.

Our pleasure challenge ebook is the perfect tool to get started if you are looking to improve your self esteem, sexual satisfaction and deepen your connection with yourself and your Creator.

Our ebook includes 30 days of challenges and tips designed to help you explore your sexuality and discover new ways to experience pleasure.

Each day you focus on a different aspect of pleasure, such as releasing trauma/guilt, self-exploration, meditation or sensual touch.