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What Do These Symptoms Mean?!

Womb healing gets VERY deep. If you have ever ordered a custom blend from me, you know the intake form asks some pretty DEEP questions. I ask these intimate questions because our wombs literally communicate with us through these symptoms. The more we ignore the messages, the louder the symptoms become. Everything is spiritual first, physical second. When determining what herbs to use in custom blends, I take into consideration the physical symptoms as well as their spiritual implications.

Knowing the root meaning of your symptoms will help you connect deeper with your body and spirit. Gone are the days where we just put a bandaid (or a pill) on our uncomfortable symptoms. It's so important that when doing one-on-one sessions, we incorporate breathwork, grounding, steaming at home and herbs that would support your healing to get to the root and release it.

Before we dive into these symptoms I would like to remind you of what disharmony in our womb means, regardless of the symptom. Whenever a woman has womb related issues (hormonal or systemic) it usually means she feels a lack of creativity and receptivity in her life. There is also a sense that she cannot speak up for herself or her words are self-neglecting. Womb related issues also arise when we do not feel certain that our partner is for us or when being with them does not make us happy. A woman in a relationship should feel that she is receiving as much if not more than she is giving, as is her nature. When we feel we are giving more than receiving, we are out of balance. Being receptive means being more in flow, allowing life to bring to us what we love rather than going out to get it. Receptivity starts with self-acceptance and self-prioritizing.

Doing consultations for a while now, I've noticed the following list of common symptoms along with their physical/spiritual meanings. I've included some solutions that can be used to bring your body and spirit back to homeostasis. If there is a symptom I haven't listed that you would like to know more about, please reach out to me via email at

Heavy, Dark Menses With Blood Clots:

A heavy menses with dark clots is a result of poor blood circulation in your womb. The clots signify old blood and sometimes a thick uterine lining. Spiritually it can mean feeling stagnant and a lack of creativity in your life. Find something creative to do, think back to something that you really enjoyed as a child and start there. Increasing blood flow to the uterus via vaginal steaming will reduce blood clots and regulate your menstrual cycle. Get your womb healing herbs here.


HPV is the result of significant emotional wounding. The most frequent emotional wounds that can manifest as HPV are humiliation, rejection, abandonment, injustice, and betrayal. Also, feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-love and keeping emotions bottled up inside. Take steps toward forgiving yourself, forgiving others by speak up for or writing down what you truly want and believe in. Get your womb healing herbs here.

Chronic Yeast Infections:

Yeast infections can manifest from sexual trauma, as a defense mechanism. You may be in denial of your own needs in relationships and personal life, getting frustrated and upset with yourself and others. You may ask a lot of a relationship and life but may not yet know what you have to offer in return, creating confusion and accumulated anger. Find balance in your giving and receiving, make a daily intention to seek this balance. Get your antibacterial herbal blend here.

Painful Sex:

When it comes to sexual intercourse and intimacy, women are all about the mental. The vagina is a sphincter and if we are not aroused (via foreplay), if we do not feel safe or comfortable, our vagina will literally contract and can make sex very painful! Vaginal steaming before intercourse can help relax the pelvic floor muscles and increase vaginal lubrication. Steaming can be used as a form of foreplay; include your partner and see what happens! Get your vaginal steaming herbs here.


Fibroids and/or cysts are the result of hardened accumulated mucus in and around the uterus and/or ovaries. Regular cleansing and releasing ensure that we do not hold on to emotional baggage from our past or from those around us. Women hold all the stress and energies they absorb from others in their uterus. When our womb is at full capacity, it develops cysts and/or fibroids to be able to hold any extra muck. Fibroids/cysts are also the result of trying to have too much control over everything and everyone around you. Focus on releasing what no longer serves your highest good. Make a commitment to release baggage from your past and/or those around you. Be aware of those around you that are energy vampires or those who love to dump their problems on you, whether it is done consciously or subconsciously. Get the womb healer blend here.

Vaginal Dryness:

Painful vaginal dryness can be caused by birth control pills, breast-feeding, aging, and lack of

mucus-producing cells. The dryness may occur at all times, or only when attempting intercourse. If

you ask a doctor about vaginal dryness and are over the age of 50, s/he will probably diagnosis you as having atrophic vaginitis or lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. These terms are an insult to women. When you feel safe, your vagina is moist. Focus on creating a safe space for yourself and your yoni. If you tend to put others needs above your one, you may experience vaginal dryness. Focus on pleasuring yourself and putting your needs before anyone else. Do a vaginal steaming session and then have an orgasm before intercourse! Do not use the following up there (toxic men,

tampons, douching, or menstrual cups). Get the cooling blend here.

Prolapse Uterus:

Most have heard of doing Kegels to tighten the vaginal opening and improve pelvic floor muscle.

When we have a weak pelvic floor, sometimes we can feel our uterus slip down and sometimes out of the vaginal opening. Spiritually these manifest due to the feeling that you are not at home in your own body and feeling as though you have no control over your own life. A prolapsed uterus usually occurs after childbirth or menopause. It can indicate feelings as if our body is no longer ours, and in the process we fear we have lost our femininity. This is often combined with feeling either sexually unattractive or rejected, or no longer desiring any sexual involvement. It is vital to reconnect with the essence of womanhood that is not dependent on whatever organs we may have, but is the light of wisdom shining deep within. (be aware that menstrual cups have been known to cause uterine and bladder prolapse!) Get the cooling blend here.


At its root, PCOS stems from a hormonal imbalance. You may have insulin resistance, your ovaries may produce follicular cysts and you may grow facial hair. Shutting down your menstrual cycle with birth control is the opposite of what you need, which is hormonal balance. On a spiritual level, you may feel stagnant in your ability to self actualize. Your creativity can feel suppressed. You may feel you can't speak up for yourself. Embarrassment of your body or femininity can also lead to creativity suppression and hormonal imbalance. I highly suggest vaginal steaming (get the womb healer blend here), Vitex (get the Chaste berry tincture here) and reading my blog on PCOS here.


When I worked at the Ob/Gyn, the doctor's would tell patients with infertility issues to track their fertility but to also relax, go out on a date, drink some wine and have fun! The reason for this is because a lot of times when we are wanting something too badly or putting too much attention toward it, it often takes longer to actualize. Even with this being the case most of the time, infertility can also be caused by blocked fallopian tubes and/or a hormonal imbalance. In these cases I always recommend vaginal steaming and using herbs to help balance hormones. On a deeper level, infertility can be due to having a hard time surrendering and having a need to control everything. It may also be cause by the uncertainty on whether you actually want to have a child or not. It can also be due to the fact that your spirit does not feel you are with the right partner or you may have doubts about them being a good parent/partner. Ask yourself if this is what you really want and with whom you want. Meditate on it while steaming, releasing expectations and surrendering to Source on timing. Get the womb healer blend here.

Absent Menses/Irregular Cycle

When our menstrual cycle is irregular or missing we look into hormonal imbalances. On a spiritual level, there is a lack of synchronicity with nature and your femininity. Our bodies are meant to follow the natural rhythm and flow of the earth, the moon and all of the planets. This is why it is so important to ground into the present moment, so that your body and spirit may align with everything that is. Our hormones as women go through a 28-30 day cycle, just like the moon. The rise of the patriarchy caused us to live more like men, whose hormones follow a 24-hr cycle, like the sun. As women we are not meant to go through and process so much so fast. We are meant to live a much slower paced life, giving us time to process our emotions and hormones. Make sure you ground often, steam and meditate to bring your body and spirit back into equilibrium. Get the menarche (gentle) blend here.

Short Menstrual Cycle/Uterin Fatigue

A short cycle means you bleed every 27 days or less. When this occurs it is often referred to as "uterine fatigue." It can often be caused by lower than normal progesterone levels, stress and anxiety. When you take on too much or take on other people's problems, your uterus becomes fatigued and sort of gives out. It's important to make sure you are resting well, getting enough sleep and prioritizing yourself. When vaginal steaming, you want to use blood tonifying herbs to provide nourishment and fortification. Get the menarche (gentle) blend here.


If you're interested in finding out more, you can take the vaginal steaming intake form here, purchase your custom blend here, and/or schedule a One-on-One with me here!



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